HEL line-up

(Guitars, Voice, Lyrics)


Other bands played in: Dismal, Animus
Job: Viking
What equipment do you use: 2 Guitars, 10 Watt Amp, Dunlop Plec (0.73 mm)
Favourite bands:
Bathory, Abba, Iron Maiden, Queensrýche, Crimson Glory, At the Gates, Anathema, Solstafir, Katatonia
Favourite book / author: Die Säulen der Erde (Ken Follett), Stephan Grundy, Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell
Favourite films: Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
Favourite drink: Met
Interests other than music: Painting, Nordic Myth., writing
First ever record bought: Venom - Black Metal
First ever live show: 1986 - Pharao, MCB
First own live show: 13.08.94 Point One - Hemer
Heroes / inspiration: Me, nature, Bathory
What makes you happy: My dog Anouk
What makes you mad: Superficiality, humans
Personal goals: Living in peace
Band goals: finally quitting
Favourite HEL song: Mutter Erde
- So ist der Frauen Liebe, die Falsches sinnen, als reite man auf Glatteis ein Roß ohne Stollen -
- Wer nichts weiß muß alles glauben -

Valdr's favourite albums:

Bathory - Hammerheart
Bathory - Blood on Ice
Queensrýche - Operation Mindcrime
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
Anathema - Judgement

(Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)


Other bands played in: Elane, Abscession, Cemetery Gates (1992 - 1995), Cascade (1995 - 2004), Claret (1995 - ?)
Job: Student
What equipment do you use: Peavey Windsor, Technics Keyboard KN 5000, Walden acc. Guitar, and lots of instruments from other people (thanks)
Favourite bands: Unicorn, Katatonia, Moonsorrow, Transatlantic, Nightingale, Bathory, Arena, In the Woods..., Landberk, Änglagard...
Favourite book / author: -
Favourite films: Lord of the Rings, Bud Spencer and Terece Hill movies
Favourite drink: Bananajuice
Interests other than music: Sound engeneering
First ever record bought: Scorpions
First ever live show: Vast Silence (Wiblingwerde)
First own live show: 27.05.1995 (Cemetery Gates)
Heroes / inspiration: Dan Swanö, Clive Nolan, Bathory, Daniel Cavanagh
What makes you happy: Nothing anymore
What makes you mad: Lies, Graffiti, Cigarets, waiting, loud talking people
Personal goals: Being a musican only
Band goals: Always stay true
Favourite HEL album / song: Whole Falland Vörandi Album
Notes: You may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person

Skaldir's favourite albums:

Transatlantic - The Whirlwind
Blackfield - II
Katatonia - Night is the new Day
Kansas - Point of know return
Whitesnake - 1987

(Bass, Vocals, Lyrics)


Other bands played in: Cemetery Gates (1992 - 1995), Cascade (1995 - 2004)
Job: Picture editor
What equipment do you use: Fender Precision Bass
Favourite bands: Arcade Fire, Alice in Chains, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Doves, Madrugada
Favourite book / author: Walden/Henry Thoreau, Natur/Ralph Waldo Emerson
Favourite films: Citizen Kane, Früchte des Zorns, Vertrag mit meinem Killer
Favourite drink: Carrot juice
Interests other than music: Reading, Art, Soccer
First ever record bought: Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
First ever live show: Vast Silence (Wiblingwerde)
First own live show: 27.05.1995 (Cemetery Gates)
Heroes / inspiration: Nature & surrounding
What makes you happy: Inner balance, Faithfulness, Sustainability
What makes you mad: nothing anymore

Personal goals: Freedom
Band goals:
Favourite HEL album / song: Neun Gestade tiefer
Notes: Live now

Hamars's favourite albums:

The Doors - L.A. Woman
Madrugada - Industrial Silence
Neil Young - Harvest
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl
Landberk - Indian Summer